Knee-Jerk Reactions to the Steelers 29-17 loss to the Browns

Knee-jerk reactions are rapid responses to a state of affairs with out taking the time to research the location. That’s one thing as sports activities lovers that we usually do. Particularly if you’re a complete blood Yinzer, and even only a section Yinzer. As is the customized, I bring together my knee-jerk ideas and post them right away after every Steelers recreation (my son Kyle may have a couple of issues to mention as neatly). It’s my model of working my mouth first and apologizing later (or now not). So with that being stated, I’m going to make use of that philosophy right here throughout Week 3 of the NFL Common Season.

1st Quarter

  • Steelers to kickoff. Deliver on extra soccer.
  • Protection will get them to a 3rd and 10. Do we see the cushy zone early? We did, however Wallace made an excellent play to knock it away.
  • You are aware of it’s dangerous when Al Michaels is looking the Steelers offense dink & dunk earlier than they even get going.
  • 3rd and 5 the Steelers a minimum of throw the ball down the sector, however it falls incomplete and they’ll punt after one first down.
  • Highsmith jumps off aspect on third and six now making it a 3rd and one.
  • Lary O. with the sack on third down.
  • Killebrew were given a work of that punt and the Steelers may have nice box place to start out their 2d ownership.
  • Great 10 yarder by means of Najee.
  • An k run on first down is adopted by means of two horrible taking a look go performs. Boswell will come on to take a look at to place the Steelers at the board.
  • The wind will get a hang of it and pushes it proper from 50 yards.
  • Protection briefly will get them to 3rd down and 9. Looks as if they may well be simply quick. I be expecting them to move for it briefly.
  • A QB sneak will get the Browns the primary.
  • Chubb gashes the protection on that run. Witherspoon wiffed at the take on close to the road of scrimmage.
  • That go for the landing to Cooper used to be method too simple by means of the defensive backs. The Steelers overlooked their alternative for issues after which flip round and surrender a landing.
  • Brown 7, Steelers 0.
  • Oh my goodness. What a catch by means of Pickens.
  • The hurry up offense has been the Steelers good friend once more.
  • That is the finish of quarter primary. Browns 7, Steelers 0.

2d Quarter

  • Cleveland’s offsides at the first play of the second one quarter, however it’s not relevant as Najee runs it in for a landing. Steelers 7, Browns 7.
  • The Steelers were given in point of fact fortunate on that play as Cooper hit the sideline earlier than catching the ball.
  • The protection had too many guys at the box and finally end up having to burn a day out. I hate burning timeouts for pointless causes.
  • The protection offers up a 3rd and 9. Why they surrender such a lot of lengthy 3rd down conversions is tricky to inform.
  • Witherspoon can not duvet Amari Cooper.
  • The Browns simply appear to be shifting the ball at will presently.
  • Every other pitch and catch for a landing. The additional level hits the upright. Browns 13, Steelers 7.
  • Great activity by means of Trubisky heading off a sack and getting the ball downfield to Diontae.
  • Dionte then saves the ball after Jaylen Warren fumbles.
  • The Steelers are for sure working the ball higher this night.
  • Trubisky at the quarterback keeper runs in for the landing. You’ll be able to’t say the offensive line wasn’t blocking off neatly on that sequence. Steelers 14, Browns 13.
  • That used to be some beautiful deficient tackling by means of the Steelers there.
  • The protection has were given them in any other 3rd and lengthy.
  • Steelers hang them quick, however Cleveland is taking the day out and I feel they’re going to opt for it on 4th and a pair of.
  • The Browns convert and stay their force going. Hang on now, they have got referred to as for the play to be reviewed and it used to be decided not to be a catch. Steelers take over.
  • After choosing up some yards Trubisky then throws two balls out of bounds now not close to any receivers. I feel the Steelers squandered an opportunity at issues there.
  • That is the part. Steelers 14, Browns 13.

third Quarter

  • Great catch by means of Claypool to pick out up a primary down.
  • Browns get stuck with an additional man at the box.
  • Was once that Najee Harris or Edwin Moses available in the market?
  • Nice catch and run by means of Warren however there’s a flag at the play. They stuck Chuks downfield ineligible. Takes away the large achieve.
  • Steelers are ready to get it again to a manageable 3rd down. Can be in point of fact great to transform this one.
  • Steelers do not convert. Harvin directly to punt.
  • Witherspoon nonetheless cannot duvet Cooper.
  • The protection must surrender looking to take on Chubb top. His legs are too robust— you were given to chop them out.
  • Cleveland is going for it on 4th and 1 and converts simply. I in point of fact do not really feel just like the protection has performed as neatly this night as they did within the first two video games.
  • Browns are within the pink zone, however the protection will get them to a 3rd and 10.
  • The protection holds and the Browns will try to box function. It is excellent. Browns 16, Steelers 14.
  • Steelers briefly get to 3rd down and in point of fact wish to convert to provide the protection a wreck however they throw it deep and it is incomplete. I be expecting to look the protection get gassed on this recreation like they did the ultimate recreation.
  • Finish of the 3rd quarter. Brown 16, Steelers 14.

4th Quarter

  • Cooper burns them once more.
  • The protection isn’t ready to get Chubb at the flooring.
  • It is a very drained taking a look protection.
  • The protection will get a hang to 4th and function however Chubb punches it in. Browns 23, Steelers 14.
  • The Steelers are down two ratings. In the event that they pass 3 and out right here I can die.
  • What have you learnt they face a 3rd and 10.
  • Test that as a false get started will make it 3rd and 15.
  • Incomplete go and the Steelers pass 3 and out. They are dismal 3rd down conversion charge continues. That it will likely be the ball recreation.
  • Highsmith taking a look a bit bit like T.J. Watt on that play.
  • The protection holds, so the offense gets any other shot.
  • What have you learnt the offense is going 3 and out once more. The Steelers haven’t been ready to generate any offense within the fourth quarter the previous two video games.
  • Highsmith will get house for the sack on third down.
  • Muth after all will get his first catch of the sport with below 3 mins to play.
  • The force stalls and the Steelers will opt for a box function to get it to at least one ownership. Browns 23, Steelers 17.
  • The Steelers line up for the onside kick, however finally end up with a penalty and Cleveland will get the ball. How becoming.
  • The protection holds them on 3rd down, however the Steelers gets the ball again with about 10 seconds or so left to play.
  • The protection cannot get stops when it has to have them and the offense cannot transfer the ball when it must.
  • I should say that I used to be relatively disillusioned with the Steeler 2d part efficiency.
  • I assume it is also becoming that at the ultimate play the Steelers play the lateral recreation, flip it over and the Browns rating any other landing.
  • Ultimate rating Browns 29, Steelers 17.

There you may have it, my knee jerks. so I can sit down in this for just about per week, analyze it after which speak about it on The Scho Bro Display. CAN’T WAIT!!!

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