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We’re a high-growth, HR-tech scale-up building and selling software that helps in-house talent acquisition teams attract, hire, and retain the best talent.

We’re growing more than 100% / year and right now, we did 130% of target last year, and most of our AEs are consistently exceeding quota.
So we’re looking for a Mid Market + Enterprise Account Executive to join us in Q2 2023!

Before we dive into the detail, here are a few things that might make you say “hell, yeah” or “hell, no”:

  • This is a hybrid role with the option to work remotely or in the office on a schedule that suits you.

  • Most of your pipeline will be delivered by marketing and/or a new) SDR team. You’ll be expected to prospect and build c. 25% of your pipeline.

  • We don’t have a large sales team with lots of managers/team leads yet, so you’ll be expected to invest in learning and improving yourself and sharing what you learn with the team.

  • We have a mature product with a great product-market fit. We have a pricing strategy that works (no “finger in the air” guessing).

  • We’re growing fast, and this role is key to our growth. You’re expected to be fully ramped in a maximum of three months.

  • We don’t work with one particular industry or size of organization. You’ll be expected to quickly understand the challenges faced by all these different types of prospects, which isn’t easy.

  • You’ll have a full calendar with lots to manage, and we have high expectations in speed and quality of follow-up with prospects.

  • Our HQ is in Jersey, UK, and we have a distributed remote team across the UK and US.

  • You can learn more about our Revenue team, tech stack, and more here.

About the Role:

If you’re a self-starter who wants to join a high-growth business and who’s keen to make a massive impact in a sales team that’s still finding its feet, we want to hear from you. Day-to-day, you’ll be:

  • Managing the full sales cycle for your leads—from first outreach to signed contract.

  • Inputting into RFPs and creating proposals.

  • Creating product demos tailored to each client.

  • Providing timely and accurate forecasts and clear visibility on performance by keeping our CRM system up to date.

  • Documenting and sharing what you’re testing and learning so that the whole team can learn from your experience.

  • Contributing to team projects to develop and refine our sales process.

About You:

How fast will I be expected to ramp?
You’ll have a 3-month ramp period.

Will my commission be guaranteed during the ramp period?
Yes, we guarantee your commission for all three months while you’re ramping.
Can I do my own prospecting?
Yes, we have many inbound leads, but you’re always welcome to bolster those with your prospecting. You’ll be expected to self-source c. 25% of your pipeline.
How many of your current reps hit quota?
In 2022 our team’s individual quota attainment was:

  • 273% (still ramping)

  • 145%

  • 106%

  • 103%

  • 96%

  • 63%

Is this a remote or hybrid role?
Remote. We have a coworking space in central London, and you’re welcome to come and go as you please.

What deal sizes will I be selling?
You’ll mostly be working on deals between £10,000 and £80,000 in value.

How is commission calculated?
10% of new ARR, uncapped.
When is commission paid?
At the end of the month following the month in which the deal closes (i.e., if a deal closes in January, you’ll get the commission in February).

What We Offer:

We’re committed to being an exceptional workplace and company for whom you are proud to work. To that end, we offer some great benefits, including:

  • Gold-plated healthcare: Enjoy the best medical, dental, and optical coverage money can buy. We’ve got you and your family covered for all eventualities

  • Unlimited holidays: Everyone needs a healthy, happy, and productive life without restrictive holiday limits

  • Meaningful equity: You’ll contribute to the team’s success, so you deserve to share in it. To that end, everyone on our team gets a meaningful equity allocation.

  • Generous paid parental leave: To help support new parents in the workplace, we offer generous paid leave

  • Professional Development: We provide 1,000 annually for your professional development, whether related to your role at Pinpoint or not

  • Top-of-the-line equipment: We’ll set you up with the right tools to do your best work—starting with a MacBook Pro, 4K monitors, and the right software to get the job done

  • A team that cares: You’ll be joining a team of intelligent, capable, and helpful people that want you to win, our clients to be wowed, and our business to grow

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