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Firaxis Audio – Project Audio Director 


Firaxis Games is searching for an experienced, technically minded, project Audio Director. In this position, you will be responsible for the overall project audio direction, supporting technical innovation by defining efficient and performant audio pipelines while overseeing all aspects of the game’s audio development.

You will work closely with the Studio Audio Director and project leadership to ensure audio is represented at the highest levels and take ownership of the sonic identity across the title. You will contribute to the strategic leadership goals as it pertains to the audio team while being a champion for audio within the studio. Autonomous in your work, you are enthusiastic and motivated to push the boundaries of game audio and strive to elevate and achieve our studio’s creative vision through sound.

The ideal candidate has experience overseeing all aspects of a game’s audio development from pre-production to ship, and has a proven track record of conceptualizing and integrating innovative technical audio pipelines and systems to fulfill project goals. Effective at planning and developing realistic timelines to deliver results, combined with an unwavering desire to promote and support audio within a development team, you are a thoughtful and motivated leader willing to accept any challenge head on.



Define and uphold the project’s audio direction both on a creative and technical level, while ensuring world-class audio quality is met and the vision is effectively communicated

Oversee all aspects of the game’s audio development and implementation regarding sound assets, dialogue, music, and mix

Create and implement audio assets within the game and audio engine as needed

Conceptualize innovative audio features, concepts, and best practices to support providing exceptional audio design and implementation across the project

Outline efficient audio pipelines and infrastructures to support advanced audio implementation systems and toolsets (narrative voice pipelines, audio build-systems, etc.)

Work closely with project production to certify tasks, milestones, and deliverables are well defined and achievable as it pertains to audio

Define and advocate for game audio technology which best allows the team to create world class audio experiences for our players

Identify and improve legacy audio systems and pipelines to advance the audio quality of the title and improve audio production practices

Work in partnership with project leadership to ensure cross-discipline collaboration of a shared vision toward all aspects of the game’s production, development, and creative direction

Align with the Studio Audio Director to ensure the global studio audio vision is upheld and resources are allocated appropriately

Mentor audio team members and contribute to their personal growth and development within the team

Collaborate with marketing and other external partners to maintain the project’s audio vision across deliverables

Actively identify, troubleshoot, and debug project audio issues, establishing priority, throughout development

Actively participate in playtests and provide feedback to the team with actionable items

Build and maintain positive relationships with potential outsourcing teams on an ‘as-needed’ basis



3+ Years experience working as an Audio Director within the games industry

8+ Years experience working in audio for AAA game titles

Proven leadership and mentoring experience working as a Lead or Director

At least 1 AAA / Major Title shipped in an Audio Director role

At least 3 AAA / Major Titles shipped as a member of an audio team

Highly proficient in AudioKinetc’s Wwise middleware software

Highly proficient in Unreal engine development with a focus on audio implementation

Experience shipping titles across multiple SKUs, incorporating performance optimizations as needed

Extensive knowledge of developing complex audio pipelines and integrations, such as narrative pipelines, audio build systems, audio features

(HDR, Propagation Systems, Dynamic Reverb Systems, etc.)

Experience mixing game audio supporting various user defined end points (surround, Dolby Atmos, etc.)

Extensive knowledge of audio production standards and best practices within the games industry

Incredibly organized with effective communication and leadership skills

A passion for cultivating a fun, inclusive, and respectful working environment


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